What’s Next After Expo 2020?

What’s Next After Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 is one of the UAE’s proudest events that has gathered the innovation, ideas, cultures, and traditions of 192 countries to build a better tomorrow for all humanity. The exhibition paved the way for the UAE to leave a cultural and economic impact on the world, setting aside the fact that there is so much more beyond the shiny facade. To achieve its long-term mission and maintain its promise of sustainability, Expo 2020 will level up to its legacy phase: a decade-long journey of building the foundation of the tech-based future.

The Expo 2020 site will reshape into District 2020, an independent city that will be the home of 145,000 residents with 628 start-ups from 129 countries and multinational corporations. It will become UAE’s first “15-minute city”, where there will be the possibility to walk or cycle from end to end without the need for a car. The city will nurture smart mobility solutions that encourage sustainable and flexible movement such as cycling between their office and home.

Ata Shobeiry, CEO of Zoom Property, shares how the transition from Expo 2020 to District 2020 will implement a human-centric city that aims to promote, enhance, and balance lifestyles with flexible spaces to live, work, and explore.

District 2020 is set as a game-changer for Dubai’s economy. “By utilizing 80 percent of Expo’s infrastructure for District 2020, Dubai is setting an unprecedented example for future world fairs. This move is not only going to impact the real estate industry but the overall economy, since it will give a boost to the commercial activities in the areas closer to the Expo site,” Shobeiry stated.

District 2020 is expected to open its doors by October 2022, just 6 months after the global fair’s conclusion. Due to its prime location within the proximity of Al Maktoum International Airport, along with the new direct metro lines, the new city will be counted as a new Free Trade Zone.