What are the benefits of a mainland company setup in Dubai?

What are the benefits of a mainland company setup in Dubai?

Are you an entrepreneur or investor planning for a startup venture in Dubai? It is very important where exactly you plan to establish your business in Dubai. Because, Dubai is a grand business hub with numerous trade zones that support various businesses and occupations. Selecting the right trade zone can play an important role in your company’s future success.

Choosing a mainland company setup in Dubai offers many trade benefits, if you wish to enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility for your business. Here are a few major advantages of setting up a Dubai mainland business:

License to trade across UAE

If you register your company under Dubai mainland, you can enjoy complete freedom to trade across all the seven emirates without any restriction on trade zones. In UAE’s highly competitive market, this will give you accelerated growth and keeps you far ahead of other businesses.

Establish international trade relations

In a world of globalization and increased connectivity, it is important for businesses to grow beyond their limits and get established as a brand across continents. With a mainland registration in Dubai, you could expand your business to international markets and gain more brand recognition. It also gives you more freedom and flexibility to collaborate with other businesses outside the nation and establish trade relations with the outside world.

Hundred percent ownership

Earlier, there were some limitations for foreign investors while setting up a mainland company in Dubai. You had to find a local sponsor who is a Dubai national and owns at least 51% of the company shares. This prevented many entrepreneurs from opting a mainland company setup in Dubai and going for other options like free zone and offshore.

But now rules have changed and Dubai offers 100% ownership for foreign investors dreaming to setup their enterprise in its mainland. Thus, Dubai mainland has become the most lucrative place to start your business and earn maximum profit.

Freedom for company expansion

A Dubai mainland license offers enough scope for business expansion. It permits you to employ more number of workers, apply for unlimited visas and procure extra office space for company growth. With a mainland license, it is also possible to start new branches at different parts of Dubai and UAE.

Control over administrative process

Dubai mainland license gives your business an upper hand in the administrative process and makes it smoother, faster, and less restrictive compared to other free zone competitors. You can have a business relationship with the government by bidding tenders for large scale projects. UAE government gives contract work to private business every year, worth billions of dollars. Mainland companies have more chances of gaining these contracts and establishing long term business relation with government. This will also enhance your company reputation both nationally and internationally.


A mainland company in Dubai is one of the most lucrative options to be considered while planning a business formation in UAE. Although, the legal formalities and registration process for starting a mainland company may seem challenging to the ordinary people, collaborating with the right business consultants will make the process much easier. Axiom Mark’s team of consultants have long years of experience in helping entrepreneurs across the globe in setting up a business in Dubai. With right support and guidance mainland company setup in Dubai will be a highly rewarding choice for your business future.

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