Trademark Registration and Its Process

Trademark Registration and Its Process

Trademarks are an important form of intellectual right of a company. Trademark is a must have legal registration for a business or a company. Trademark helps to differentiate the product or a company from other product or business.

Trademarks are very effective and efficient tool for marketing and promotion of a business. Trademarks build confidence among the consumers for that product or company. It is important for a new business or an established business. It helps to increase the credibility of the company in market and set apart the company from their competitive company. So, we can say that trademark is a very important asset for a company to have. If a company has trademark registered then the name and products are secured and protected.

If any company has trademark registered then no company can use that registered trademark for their use. If a company uses that trademark then the registered company can sue them for their use. The trademark registration provides protection to the company. 

 In UAE trademark registration is registered through the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The registration process does not involve any vast or lengthy process. If a company has trademark registered in UAE then the trademark is valid across seven emirates for 10 years.

If you have planned to build a company in UAE you have to fill the application form in English and Arabic and submit it to Ministry of Economy and Commerce. After the submission the ministry publishes the application in gazette, if there is no obligation arise in 30 days then the ministry approve the trademark. Trademark application should be filled by appropriate information about the business, if found something guilt then the application can be rejected.

This whole procedure takes time and there is a legal method for all this. So, if you have made your mind to register your trademark, then let’s have a cup of coffee with us to understand it better.

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