The logo lifeline

The logo lifeline

In this era of technology dependant society, we are moving at a rapid pace. We want to achieve more in less time, speak less and do more. The significance of a logo is recognised by all who want to achieve more. Yes, of course the significance of logo registration is equally realized.

A glance at the logo and we recognize the company and their business. The delight, the comfort that name brings in our life. How do we make our logo that impactful? We would say the most important factor is the way we do our business. A great product or service makes a world of a difference that is what makes people remember us. Another important aspect is the logo design, how attractive and relevant it is. The effectiveness of a logo can do wonders.

While designing a logo or getting it designed, it is important to remember simple logos are easy to remember. In other words, a logo should be simple, creative and hence easy to remember. Think about the logos of red-cross, Nike, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Whatsapp, Facebook, Apple and more like these, aren’t they simple? Can we forget any of these?

After the creation of a meaningful yet simple logo, the utmost essential thing is logo registration. What can happen if we skip the logo registration process? Well, someone else can take the credit, use the one we created or rather steal it. We lose our exclusive right over it.

We love to highlight these essential points for our clients, because they mean a world to us. Axiom-Mark helps individuals, companies and organisations in registering their logos and safeguarding their interests. We have a global clientele, serving clients in Asia, America, Africa, Europe and GCC countries, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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