The Legal advantages of registered intellectual property

The Legal advantages of registered intellectual property

As experienced Business Setup and Intellectual Property Consulting firm, we have always been researching on what makes business units a success? Though we came across options like leadership, management structure, recruitment, organizational culture and much more, none of them seemed to answer our profound doubt. Until,we realized that the need for creativity in your product and unique innovation in what you do is the primary catalyst for the success of any business.

Your Business Product or Service will lay the fundamental block for the growth of your business. Awareness of protecting your ideas, services, and creation has spurted rapidly in the Middle East and it is a welcome change to look at how businesses are taking legal measures to protect their Intellectual Property. This article will discuss the various legal advantages of a registered Intellectual Property and its impact on corporate governance.
Explained here are some important facts and thoughts on the intellectual property registration that, we feel can add to the bottom line of very organization.

1. Gateway to Channelized Business Growth: Expansion and Growth are the utmost necessity for a business to sustain in the long run. Though profits and other business strategies do that, the immunity and the benefits given by the registered intellectual property is pretty vast and extensive! This is because

  • Your registered intellectual property can help you in getting the confidence of the investors due to the favorable name and fame that you enjoy.
  • Registered intellectual property always acts as a guide while making a lot of strategic decision which in turn can create a new wave for your business.
  • Be it domestic alliance or international ventures, when your creation is registered automatically the success rate goes up.
  • You will also be able to witness profitable business venture through your registered property (Mergers and Acquisitions become easy through IPR)

2. Better and Increased Return on Investments:Business involves an initial capital and otherrecurring investment for smooth functioning. On the other hand, earning return on the investments also becomes crucial for the longevity of business! What if your intellectual property did the same? Think of the following benefits through IPR:

  • Your registered IPR actually helps you in getting the earned reputation within a short period of time itself, which means you define your identity.
  • Investors, New talents and Talented Recruits would see you as a promising business and would like to back you up and expand your business to a new horizon.
  • Your IPR will be automatically known among the customers which in turn will bring the desired credibility.
  • Your Goodwill and Image building will grow by leap and bounds.

3. Easy and Complicated Free Procedures: We live in a world of tough competition combined with everyday challenges and achieving targets in such situations becomes quite daunting! But, did you know that registering your IP, aids in achieving the benchmarked performance?

  • Your intellectual property becomes the symbol of integrity and commitment; hence the element of doubt before a consumer chooses your product or service vanishes.
  • Be it campaigns, promotions or any strategies, you can easily achieve them without any hassle because your IP speaks for you. It is a written and legal testimony of your potential.
  • A registered IPwill be recognized by the government and corporate bodies.
  • Right from fund raising to that of recruitment everything becomes simple and easy through a registered IP brand tag.

4. Global Recognition: If you are aiming for international alliances and other non domestic ventures, then a registered IP is your gateway to show the world you are serious about what you do. Not alone that IPR also helps you in getting the needed recognition and recommendations amongst the international council bodies which in turn will boost your business globally in the following ways

  • Your performance with regards to IPR will always be evaluated in situations like strategic alliance and other cooperation tendencies which can make your business dreams come true.
  • Getting Policy recommendations, Product approval or additional resource support becomes easy and simple.
  • Exploration in other business segments and other profitable divisions becomes much your international venture a more profitable one

5. Favorable Market Positioning: A legally registered Intellectual Property acts as the bottom line of your organization. It also helps your business enjoy a better market position and value on the whole. Besides that, elements like better weight age, enhanced power, better returns etc become value added factors.
Not alone that, you will also witness

  • Better reputation, status and power in the community and society on the whole.
  • Even if your company is being evaluated on the whole, your intellectual property will be evaluated on a separate basis.
  • Though it is a hidden asset in the long run your intellectual property will automatically bring in the needed share value and market proposition

Some more benefits from a registered Intellectual Property are

1. Enhanced Returns:Investing in intellectual property is pretty expensive, but the returns are rewarding. From credibility to new innovations, a registered Intellectual Property acts as a USP for business.
2. Better Mergers and Acquisitions: Even businesses that were declared as sick units have been revived through the value their registered IP provided. It paves way for trusted mergers and profitable acquisitions.
3. Better Value: One major advantage of having intellectual property getting registered is that, your organization enjoys better position. Most importantly in the trade circle and in the economy circle your intellectual assets will be given a separate categorization- As it adds up to the overall value of the organization
4. Legality: The more you have your assets legally registered, the more is your power to perform extraordinarily well, the same applies to a legally registered Intellectual Property. This is because intellectual property is your sole property and no can use it without your approval or permission. So this means you enjoy better immunity compared to the others.

So, now you know why Intellectual Property Registration matters to you and to your business? For more details, contact Axiom’s experienced consultants to get to know how to register your intellectual Property.

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