How to set up an ecommerce business in UAE?

How to set up an ecommerce business in UAE?

Within the last decade, online shopping has evolved to become an inevitable part of everyday life. Especially, with the spread of the pandemic, ecommerce purchase has changed from the choice of a selected few to a basic need of millions. Even those who are technologically illiterate has been compelled to move towards ecommerce if they are to survive the present crisis.

This is the reason why entrepreneurs must think more than ever about setting up an ecommerce business, and that too at one of the greatest business hubs in the world. United Arab Emirates is the most engaging ecommerce market in the entire Middle East and has set a record of AED 59 billion business transactions in 2019 as per studies conducted by various sources.

There are a few things that you must know before you think of an ecommerce business set up in UAE.

Choose the right jurisdiction

During the initial stage, decide on which jurisdiction you are planning to sell your business. This also depends on the area of service or product you are going to sell. There are different business zones in UAE like Mainland, Free zone and offshore that offers various benefits according to the nature of your business.

Obtain trade license

No business in UAE can be done without proper trade license. So, after choosing the nature and jurisdiction of your business, apply for a valid trade license. A mainland license will allow you to sell your products or services directly in the local market where as free zone set up in UAE will need you to partner with a local distributor. So, analyze these factors to know which license will help you to get maximum profit for your ecommerce business.

Launch your ecommerce store

An ecommerce store or website is the most important element of your online business. It is the platform through which you showcase your products, interacts with customers or make profit. So, in order to generate maximum profit, your website should have good user interface, high loading speed, secure hosting and attractive design that keeps the customers hooked to your store.

Provide online payment gateways

It is necessary for an ecommerce website to have an online payment gateway that allows the user to make secure payments online. This is possible only for a website that is secured with a Secured Socket Layer. So, make sure that your website is highly secure and confidential information of customers are not compromised while doing payments.

Ensure efficient storage and logistics

If you are involved in the trading of some products, acquire a safe warehousing facility to store your goods. This can also go along with your office space. It is also important to arrange proper logistics system that can ensure timely and efficient delivery of products to customers. In an online business, it is very important to deliver the products on time. Especially with ecommerce business on a huge rise due to the pandemic, there is tough competition in this field. So, delivering at the right time takes you far ahead of your competitors. If you cannot arrange all these by your own, there are various companies in UAE that can offer you their services at affordable rates.


Ecommerce business and cashless payments are becoming a part of the new normal and they will definitely see more progress in the future. Even, governments are encouraging their citizens to go cashless to ensure more financial security and prevent frauds. With such ideal conditions, it is the best of all times to start your ecommerce business in UAE.

With all the above said factors, it won’t be always easy for an entrepreneur to start an ecommerce business in UAE by his own. Securing the necessary documents and approval from the government may involve great time and effort, without expert assistance. At Axiom Mark, we are closely associated with supporting businesses in UAE for mainland and freezone setup, along with various activities like acquiring trade license, business registration, securing office space, visa assistance, PRO services, legal translation services and protection of IP rights for more than a decade. With the right support, ecommerce business set up in UAE can be very easy and highly promising for your future.

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