How to Set up a Mainland Business Company in UAE

How to Set up a Mainland Business Company in UAE

Are you planning to set up a company in the UAE but need help figuring out which company model to use? No worries. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to Mainland companies in UAE so you can decide on your new company profile. All you need is to follow certain steps and get a professional corporate agent to help you establish your mainland company in any Emirate of the UAE.

What is a Mainland Company?

As per the law of DED (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai and all other UAE Emirates, mainland companies can practice restricted-free business in both the local and international markets. The companies need to get approval to inaugurate business operations, and a complete setup that you can conduct with the help of a corporate agent whose team of seasoned experts will help you establish your mainland company in Dubai.

Where to Set Up a Mainland Company in the UAE?

Well, it’s all up to you!

But with the help of our experts, you can have deep insights into the pros and cons of each choice to have the best results. Dubai mainland offers a highly entrepreneurial ecosystem that attracts most investors from around the world. You can set up your business and get approvals from the DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development). Many business regions in Dubai are sought after by the most enthusiastic international investors as one of the most developed business destinations. These regions are:

  • Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is considered the wealth and prosperity facade of Dubai. Therefore, company registration in this region is a prestigious option for many companies. You can register your company in Sheikh Zayed Road area and get the many benefits of the most modern and unique business area in MENA.

  • Business Bay

Most financial companies and business sector companies have mainland companies in Business Bay. If your business activity is related to the financial sector, you need to establish your mainland company in the Business Bay area of Dubai.

  • Al Qusais

This a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to register a company in calm area of Dubai. Educational centers, medical and shopping centers, and other related gigs can be established in this region.

  • Al Quoz

Al Quoz caters to large warehouses, garages, and labor. The region can be suitable for industrial options. If your business activity is related to the industrial sector, AL Quoz area will be a suitable area for you.


Perfect for business startups, traders, and small shops maintaining the traditional business culture of the Emirates. A busy area filled with old Dubai shops, best known as “Souk”.

  • Jumeirah

One of the most lavish areas in Dubai, Jumeirah can be ideal for both large businesses and startups. Jumeirah is an amazing area for almost all businesses.

If you choose to set up your business in other Emirates than in Dubai, you still have a myriad of options including Abu Dhabi (The Capital of UAE), Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Fujairah or RAK. A corporate agent will support you with the best insights about company registration and  brand registration in any of the Emirates of UAE.