Global Village Booming with Streams of Opportunities

Global Village Booming with Streams of Opportunities

Since its opening on October 1, Expo 2020 Dubai organizers have called the first month of the world’s largest cultural gathering a resounding success, as it has seen roughly 1.5 million visitors.


It is one of the first to be staged following the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic when global economies were stumbling under the load of the difficulties faced by the lockdowns and is considered to be used to emphasize the necessity for a collaborative reaction to critical global concerns.


The event is providing a once-in-a-lifetime possibility for companies of all sizes, international organizations, and governmental institutions around the world to come together to nurture a more diversified and resourceful global economy, stimulate a thriving business environment, and drive long-term success. And its thriving influence is having an impact on the Global Village this year.


Global Village has always been a distinctive portal for unleashing vision, interacting with audiences, and creating partnerships. Whether entrepreneurs are seeking to expand their businesses, test new projects, or set out on their path, the opportunities seem to be endless.


The multicultural park is currently taking applications for creative F&B ventures to be part of the immensely popular street food scene at Global Village, which serves thousands of visitors every day, as it maintains its strong heritage of promoting business thinkers and the local economy. 


For more than 15 seasons, Dubai SME and the Global Village have been partners. The total amount of the partnership’s contribution has now hit Dh75.6 million.


By signing an agreement to support business initiatives, Dubai SME, the Dubai Economy agency charged with developing the growth of small and medium (SME) market, has solidified its collaborations with Global Village, the region’s leading culturally diverse family destination for culture, shopping, sights, and amusement.


The arrangement, which will run through April 10, 2022, for the 26th season of Global Village, intends to give growing national projects with a unique location in one of Dubai’s premier business platforms. Under the terms of the deal, investors would be given 25 kiosks at Global Village to initiate and maintain their businesses.


Being a part of Global Village will provide ambitious businesses with a fascinating experience and the chance to explore their spirit of inquiry and efficiency, as well as their business growth skills. The unique exposure will also help enterprises improve their business’s competitiveness and long-term viability while also contributing to Dubai’s and the UAE’s economic development.


It’s an ideal venue for any company’s achievement, with limitless potential to launch and nurture new ideas in the country. The UAE’s economic progress depends on the support of innovative thinkers as they explore prospects and form collaborations in many areas.

The source: Khaleej Times

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