Copyright Registration and Its Steps

Copyright Registration and Its Steps

When we heard the word Copyright we denote it to some kind of symbol which is used with some content and brand names. But do we really know what does it mean, Copyright denotes a set of rights and property that is exclusive to the creator of the content in any form i.e. written, spoken or drawn. In other words, Copyright is protection of the expression of an idea or the thought. Getting done the Copyright Registration in UAE provides you the security for your expression of the idea or a thought. And it is only the creator who can recreate it or modify it or distribute the same in any form or as many times as is needed.

This law is made for the people who are authors, musicians, painters, inventors of scientific gadgets. In short, this law protects the invention and creativity of those people who have the ability to create something unique and have built something. The act of Copyright Registration in Dubai is protected under the Copyright and Authorship Protection Law.

The process of Copyright Registration in Dubai and UAE is very simple and straight forward. The person is required to deposit the work which needs to be copyrighted, to the Ministry of Information and Culture. The ministry then decides the next course of action. The ministry will find out as to whether your work is an original or not. Depending on the findings, the ministry will then issue the copyright to the original creator of the content.

As we know that validity of everything is important. There is a duration till which the registration is valid. According to the Copyright Registration in UAE law, the validity of such a registration is for the time till the creator of the content is alive plus another fifty years after the demise of the creator.  Calgary web designer
If you are planning to copyright something which you have created then you are welcome.

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