Copyright protection in UAE

Copyright protection in UAE

Under the ministry of Information and culture the UAE has the Federal law no. (7) of the year 2002 for the protection of copyrights infringement in the region.

To get your work registered under the copyright protection law in UAE, it is compulsory to deposit a copy of the work with the Ministry of Information and culture. Under the copyright protection law in UAE, works that have been expressed by motion pictures, still pictures, sound(s), drawings, writing, software or even translation of original works are protected. Also lectures, addresses, architecture works, photography, paintings, three-dimensional work, plastic art, maps, sketches, and engineering works are protected by this law. The creator or originator of these works is referred to as ‘author’.

There is a time frame for the life of a copyright, a copyright under the Law no. (7) of UAE is valid for the lifetime of the right holder or the author. The copyright passes on to the successor of the author after his/her death and is valid for 50 years. In case the right holder is a corporate body the right owned is for 50 years. Also, if the works of an author are published after his/her death, the validity of the copyright is again for 50 years.

To protect the interests of the copyright holder the law attracts imprisonment and/or fine in case of unauthorized usage or publication. Similarly, in case an author’s work is modified, or some content is added or omitted without permission, there is penalty of imprisonment and/or fine.

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