International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

Prices starting from AED 12,500 | Average business setup timeframe 4 weeks

company formation IFZA

About International Free Zone Authority

IFZA is a new business hub governed by Dubai Silicon Oasis only with the purpose of establishing a company in Dubai. Owing to the enticing company formation packages with the option of having 3 year and 5-year licensing packages at substantially reduced costs, IFZA has become the most popular choice among worldwide investors in a short time period. The International Freezone Authority has gained the distinction of being the most cost-effective free zone in Dubai when starting a business. IFZA is a unique Free zone in the UAE because it offers multi-year licensing packages and a diverse list of business activities.

At Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA has ultra-modern producing higher quality and facilities accessible for lease. Large conference services are located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, and the Free Zone Authority can coordinate for every international event at affordable costs at Dubai’s five-star resorts.

Quick & Remote Registration

This Free Zone allows a company to register swiftly and licenses to just be issued within two working days. Consultancy, Service, Investing, Industrial Trading, Generalized Trading, and Industrial Licensing requirements are the most common licenses granted. In Dubai, the IFZA provides the most affordable general trading license. Usually, getting a general trading license requires a big mortgage in a bank account, as well as a high license cost.

Benefits of formation a business in IFZA

  • Solutions for forming a business at a low cost;
  • The incorporation and administration of a company may be done quickly and easily.
  • foreign ownership is 100 percent;
  • There have been no limitations on foreign currencies;
  • Profits and capital of the company are completely repatriated;
  • Low-cost setup;
  • There are no requirements for just a physical office;
  • There is no requirement for a share capital;
  • The capacity to establish holding corporations;
  • During the incorporation process, business owners really aren’t necessary to be physically present.
  • Consultancy, service, and trading choices are one of the many business activities accessible.

IFZA offers a variety of commercial services, include consultation, service, trade, and industry. All licences are established under LLC structure, which is a separate legal entity that separate the executives and investors from the business. Owners of a personal liability business (LLC) can sponsor employees and create bank accounts.

Business activities in IFZA

Local and foreign businesses can apply for a variety of licenses from IFZA. The IFZA offers a variety of licenses to address the needs both of small and large businesses seeking to start a presence in the UAE.

Consultancy License

Business professionals who will provide expert and professional consultation services throughout all sectors can qualify for a Consultancy License from the IFZA.

Service License

Service providers can obtain a Service License from the IFZA, that allows them to produce, reproduce, transform, and distribute services. The primary goal of the service license should be to provide services, as well as the commodities associated with it should be used to offer such services.

Trading License

Trading Licenses issued by IFZA to enable the import, export, distribution, and management of goods specified mostly on the authorization.

  • The company’s choice of business activity
  • Selection of a business setup law implemented on the requirements of the industry, and also visa and office requirements
  • Employment application completion and submission of all required documents
  • AMC Free Zone Authority approval is needed.

The businesses will receive incorporation paperwork, along with a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Memorandum of Incorporation, once they’ve been approved.