Business Formation In Dubai

Trademark Registration and Business Setup in Dubai

Axiom Mark Consultant offers unique and distinctive style to implement the strategy of business formation in Dubai. The planning doesn’t include any steps, that would result in any kind of pressure to the owner. Here, we understand the value of your money and time. We are the professionals to offer you complete solutions for your business in all the zones of industry, such as Offshore business, on shore business and free zones concept. From the planning to the implementation of whole of your business idea, resulting in the complete establishment of your business. We guide you and take care of all the requirements for your business on your behalf.
With our planned strategies, you can get the assurance and exposure for the success of your business or project. By identifying the target clients and their location, we can advise you the required steps for your understanding. We provide you the professional support for the registration of your business, take care of the marketing and advertising units, trademarks, patent and copyright services, obtaining a valid licence for your business requirements, opening a bank account for your company and other required services to lay the strong foundation of your business.
As per the suitability and requirement of the client, we suggest the customized design of the business layout. Like, if you do not have targeted clients in Dubai, then you can opt for the offshore business, which doesn’t have any specific requirements and tax obligations. We analyze and suggest you according to the needs, whether you are planning to start

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Branch Office from other countries
  • Franchise offices
  • Private And Public Joint Stock Company
  • Free Zone Venture
  • Transfer from other places

We, at Axiom Mark, takes care for the registration of the staff members with the authority of social security and Labor Office. Business Formation In Dubai becomes quite easy and fruitful for you, with our team of experts. We offer an excellent and unique opportunity for your business to grow in less time, with the maximum output received. Peace of mind and a successful set up for the client, is the mission of our professional team. We provide you, with the strategy to achieve optimum results in desired time frame. Also offers solutions for the use of technology, which is required during the process of your business so that you do not have to face any complication or challenges. Axiom Mark Consultants are available, round the clock.


Process of Business Setup in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is not a hard process to go, however, it is easy as a cakewalk. Typically, once you have got success at the legal proceedings, it will not even take a week for you to set up a business in Dubai. However, before you begin with the legal formalities, certain essentials need your attention for the best results.  Scroll down to know the important things that can surely boost your trade or firm.

  1. Business Kind

The basis of all the operations in your trade depends upon the kind of business you are going to handle. Business setup in Dubai requires you to go through a few approvals for which knowing the kind is a must. Firstly, you need to grab a license whether a commercial, industrial, or a professional one. Secondly, several activities like legal consultancy, jewelry trade, veterinary activities, etc. require a big “yes” as approval from the government departments. Therefore, you must choose the type of business wisely.

  1. Possession

When it comes to ownership, you must know that if you want 100% possession of being a foreign national, then license and location are the basic requirements for every free zone in UAE. Every free zone serves with permits of different activities, therefore if you decide the first step wisely; it will be an upshot for you. As you can find almost 45 free zones in the UAE, there will be no lack of space for you. But, when you are trying to get a local license, (DED) Department of Economic Development is the place to get it. But, you need to know that it will have different restrictions on ownership shares for foreign nationals.

  1. Legal Procedure

The place and nature of the business decide the rules for your company. Every free zone comes up with its regulations regarding the structure of a company. For instance, a single proprietor cannot run a legal consultancy but only as a branch. Identically, there are several rules mentioned in a zone’s official website.

  1. Name Of The Company

Once you end up reading the DED rules regarding trade names, you must ensure that your company name is telling the nature of business in the title itself. The reason is that trade name as a prominent factor in the legal proceedings essential for Business setup in Dubai. Therefore, you must decide according to the nature of trade if you are not a branch to another organization.

  1. Share Capital

Generally, it is not essential to pay minimum capital at the time of setting up. Also, the Memorandum of Association of proposed firm deals with settlement of minimum share capital.

  1. Premises

When you complete the legal process essential for your firm, you are all set to shortlist a few office areas with the price and other details. In the free zones, you can choose your premises according to your requirement. With this, you will also get assistance in setting up water, the internet, electricity, and other necessary commodities.

  1. Workforces

Before going on board, you might need a manager to look upon the essential tasks and to bring perfection to the table. Sadly, every free zone has its own set of rules and regulations that you have to follow. For instance, you do not get permission to hire any staff but contractors according to the rules of the Intelaq license. So, workforces go according to the free zones merely.

  1. Local Upkeep

The DED licenses are neither too effortless not too challenging, yet local upkeep can surely lend a hand to you for Business Formation in Dubai. Whether you hire a local agent or take assistance from a partner/ sponsor, a foreign national will always find it highly constructive. When it comes to free zones, local contact can increase the effectiveness of your business surely. But, you can set up a business in Dubai regardless of your nationality, therefore you must not be sad if you do not get a local help as that is not mandatory to have.

With these few suggestions, you can surely grab a lead in setting up a business in Dubai. All you need to keep these things in mind rather than committing a blunder.