Benefits of starting a business in Dubai Free Zone

Benefits of starting a business in Dubai Free Zone

When we talk about Dubai, probably your mind diverts and thinks about the world’s largest building Burz khalifa and other stupendous buildings. We know that Dubai has a very good growth rate and business and tourists are attracted towards Dubai often. It has an incredible growing market and new businesses are coming in Dubai.

As Dubai is growing and people are likely to do business here in Dubai. The government of Dubai has setup a free zone area in Dubai. These zones are managed by Dubai Free zone authority. Dubai free zones are framed for new business and startups to start their new business and the rules and regulations are also governed by free zone. These zones are specially developed to overcome the problem facing by the new entrepreneurs.

Free zones are special zones whose objective is to help the new business and attract foreign investment and business in Dubai. These zones offer tax free, free custom duty benefits to emigrant investors. Free zones are attracting foreign direct investment and companies successfully and it is also expanding its non oil exports. Free zones are designed in categories for different business and it offers license to the companies within its categories. In Dubai and UAE various free zones are looking for business and investment in the service category of trading, industries, service sectors etc.

Dubai and UAE free zone provide facility to start new business or to open a branch or office of their company. These businesses are independent and Dubai government doesn’t involve in the business.

We can help you in setting up a business in Dubai and UAE free zone. Free zone setup is actually a very important and necessary requirement to increase business development in Dubai because it was a critical task to start a new business in Dubai earlier. And the commercial rules and regulation does not pertain in free zone setup.

Some more benefits of Dubai Free zone setup are the ownership is of yours in case of foreign ownership with no income tax. You don’t have to pay for Import and export duty and transferring of international funds. There is no restriction on foreign currency. And you know the infrastructure of Dubai. You will have a great art of infrastructure.

So, come and start your business in Dubai Free Zone. We are here to help you.

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