Abu Dhabi Laureate Inspires Youth to Pursue STEM Careers

Abu Dhabi Laureate Inspires Youth to Pursue STEM Careers

Indeed, the next generation holds the future.

Fatima Al Kaabi, a former recipient of the Abu Dhabi Awards, believes that being recognized for her innovative work has inspired her to work even harder to encourage and inspire young people in the region, particularly girls.

Al Kaabi hopes to inspire people to pursue science, engineering, and technology programs through creating social platforms focused on innovation and creativity, and volunteer tutoring and workshops, encouraging her generation and the and the upcoming generations to strive for excellence. The 20-year-old Emirati earned the UAE Pioneers Award in 2015 for being the youngest inventor, and the Abu Dhabi Awards in 2017.

Recalling the moment she was honored and recognized for her innovations at a young age, Al Kaabi claimed that: “I am happy that the work I was doing was contributing positively to my community that has supported me over the years, and receiving that recognition just pushed me to work harder to continue pushing young people in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to follow their passions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).”

Following her recognition by the Abu Dhabi Awards in 2017, the Emirati has worked on a number of programs aimed at educating young people on STEM and, in particular, encouraging young women in the Middle East and around the world to pursue careers in the said field and navigate the challenges that come with it.

Al Kaabi’s most recent invention designed last 2017, The Teleporter, is a robot made to attend to sick children. “It navigates through campus and allows children who are physically unable to attend school due to health concerns to attend classes and communicate with their peers through this robot,” she stated.

“After Covid-19, this invention became vital in allowing children with cancer to continue their education during these trying times.”

No matter the challenge faced, keep moving. Al Kaabi shared, “When I first started in STEM, I was aiming for perfection in all of my inventions, and no matter what I created, it never felt complete. Working with technology, and in STEM in general, has this charm. There is always room to improve, learn, and evolve.”

Al Kaabi encourages her generation to continue to educate themselves, find an area they are interested in, and start brainstorming ideas to support the field that they are passionate about. Setting a focus for yourself and finding a purpose to work towards will help you.

As the youth continuously proves how bright the future is, we at Axiom Mark hold the same values and aim to encourage them to protect and secure their inventions and innovations for the greater good. Guide the next generation to seek out industry experts with an eye on execution, to help implement the dreams of the youth and the development of our future.