4 Major Types of Intellectual Properties in UAE

4 Major Types of Intellectual Properties in UAE

It is not easy to protect your intellectual property in UAE like declaring ownership of any asset or product. There are four different types of intellectual properties in most nations which can be protected legally, such as trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents. Each type of intellectual property has its own cost, needs and attributes. There are four major types of Intellectual Properties in a lot of countries which can be secured legally, viz. copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Each type of IP has its own requirements, attributes, and costs.

Before you narrow down your focus on the type of protection, you should keep in mind that such forms of protection are not complete. According to what you are going to do, you can apply several protection forms and belt and suspenders approach. Here are some of the major types of intellectual properties –


This intellectual property in UAE is used to secure inventive processes or ideas which are useful, new and no-nonsense. Patents are something which strike in mind most often when it comes to protection of intellectual property. Patents can protect strains or plant species which are just engineered.


Unlike patents, a trademark protects phrases, words, sounds, symbols, color schemes and smells. Trademarks are the assets which are widely considered which describe or keep track of the source of given services or products which are provided by the company, such as the logo of Intel Inside.


Instead of protecting ideas, copyrights protect the ways in which ideas are presented like art, written works, architectural drawings, music, or even software coding (video games are common examples). With copyrights, owners can control performance, reproduction, adaptations, performance, distribution of works, and public performance with some exceptions.

Trade Secrets

These are proprietary systems, procedures, devices, strategies, formulas, or other details which are exclusive and confidential to the company which are going to use them. They serve as a competitive edge for businesses.

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